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Hydro-Ok was founded in 1995, and during the first two years it managed to carry out installations for four markets of Makro Cash and Carry. Experience gained during that period, allowed the company to thrive and take more and more demanding orders. With time the company mastered the assembly of fire extinguishing, hydrant and sprinkler systems, but also pump stations and boiler houses. We are also specialised in installations of: sewerage systems, Central Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

We usually start our work from a project. We have it elaborated by skilled and experienced designers being full time workers of ours. This fact, not only guarantees keeping the deadline and constant supervision over the investment, but also fluency when there is need of introducing corrections to the documentation. After installation is ready, our work is done only at the moment of commissioning by investor, Fire Brigade unit and insurers. During this period all probable repairs are free of charge, as all of our installations are under guarantee.

Presently, we have as much as a hundred of people employed. They are divided into mobile groups of workers, capable of accomplishing any task in a short period of time. These people were diligently selected, posses all skills and qualifications to accomplish our objectives. We focus on quality, as it results in recommendations from satisfied investors, and lack of complaints. This policy of quality exists on many levels, and is meticulously carried out, that is why we would like to say something more about it.

The system of remuneration is very important to us, as it motivates and rewards the high quality of performance. Things that were not acquired by the fitters during their work on the site will be passed during trainings, which are cyclically organised. Each day in Poland our groups of workers manage a few big structures simultaneously. Their operations are supervised by five foremen and two supervision inspectors. The last ones tend to visit sites unexpectedly. Another factor that influences the quality, price and fluency of the assembly is our own workshop, and prefabrication facility. The estimated amount of steel processed in that facility is about 20-30 tons per week (the amount might differ, depending on the type of prefabrication). We try to prefabricate the whole installation, and further deliver to the sites in order to assembly it. We have our own machine fleet (20 heavy threader mashines) and cars (6 delivery vans).

During the several years our company managed to realise hundreds of installations on middle and big structures. There were supermarkets, factories, warehouses, hotels, airports, and others. We decided to enumerate only the most important achievements here. If you wish to see more, it will be a pleasure for us to show You

To show the investment range on certain sites, we estimated the rough amount of sprinklers in an installation assembled by us. On most of the structures, we provided plumbing, Central Heating systems, Technological Heat. We should also mention about the assembly of pump stations and boiler houses.

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